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5 easy ways to save money in 2024

Happy New Year and welcome to 2024! 

For many people, achieving financial freedom is at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s saving money or managing debt more efficiently. At Fix My Credit, we dedicate our time to helping individuals to break the shackles of debt and fix bad credit.

To help you kickstart your New Year’s resolution, here’s our top 5 easy ways to save money in 2024:

Save money with DIY

One creative way to save money is by embracing DIY! From home maintenance, and repairs to crafting gifts – DIY can save you a lot of money. Learn skills via online tutorials and community workshops – utilising your skills instead of enlisting professional services or buying new products. By taking a hands-on approach, you’ll save money and gain a huge sense of accomplishment. 

Buy second-hand

Another savvy way to save money is to buy second-hand instead of new. From electronics to furniture and clothing, second-hand items are often a fraction of the cost of new items. This sustainable approach is both good for your wallet and the environment. 

Borrow, don’t buy

How many subscription services are you signed up for? If you love reading or watching movies, there are plenty of free options available, saving on subscription fees. To indulge in the latest books, borrow from your local library or support online platforms like Libby or Borrowbox. The library also offers streaming services where you can download movies and TV shows for free. 

Meal planning

Meal planning is a great way to save on groceries and minimise food wastage. When you plan your meals you’re less likely to impulse buy and it’s a great way to save on your weekly supermarket bills. You’ll also be less likely to dine out, meaning you’ll save money on expensive takeaway and restaurant meals. 

Declutter and save

If you have items lying around they could be the key to earning extra cash! Selling items you no longer need can not only declutter your space but also top up your bank account and help you pay off bad debt. Consider organising a garage sale or using online platforms to turn your clutter into cash. Every dollar earned is a step closer to financial freedom.

Stay focused on your why

Saving money can be an overwhelming task. At Fix My Credit we encourage you to stay focused on your financial goals and celebrate milestones along the way, whether it’s paying off debt or topping up your savings account. 

Establishing a purpose for your savings provides motivation and a sense of accomplishment. Whether you’re saving for a dream vacation, a home, or debt repayment, knowing your “why” can turn the journey into a rewarding experience.

At Fix My Credit, we’re here to support you

As you fulfil your goals, Fix My Credit is here to support you every step of the way. Along with these money-saving ideas, we can help you with all aspects of credit repair, including credit restoration, debt solutions, removal of court judgements and debt negotiation. 

Contact Fix My Credit for personalised credit repair services, ensuring your credit profile aligns with your financial goals. Here’s to a year of financial empowerment and success!

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