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At Fix My Credit, we’re committed to helping you overcome financial hurdles with our comprehensive services:

Full Credit Report

Gain insight into your financial standing with a detailed credit report, providing an accurate overview of your credit history.

Credit Restoration

Fix My Credit will work hard to help you restore your credit by employing proven strategies to address negative items on your credit report and improve your credit score.

Debt Solutions

Whether through negotiation with creditors, or other personalised approaches, our team is here to help you regain control of your finances.

Removal of Defaults, Court Judgements & Clearouts

We tackle all kinds of credit challenges, including the removal of defaults, court judgments, and clear outs.

Assistance in Securing Finance

Whether you’re seeking a loan, mortgage, or other forms of financing, we assist in optimising your credit profile to increase your chances of approval.

Debt Negotiation

We specialise in negotiating with creditors on your behalf to achieve favourable terms for debt settlement.

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If I only have a small $200 vodafone default should I still bother as the default is less than your fee?

YES! Its not the size of the default it’s the fact you have one, even if you pay the $200 debt you are still going to be in the exact same position with bad credit! As paying the debt DOES NOT remove it!

Do I have to pay my default first before it can be removed?

If the listing is disputable then NO you do not have to pay it to have it removed. You will however have to settle the debt with the provider at a later stage.

Is a Credit Default and a Court Judgement the same thing?

No. A default is listed by the provider straight to the credit reporting agency themselves. A Judgement is listed through the courts.

Can you 100% guarantee to can clean my file?

No. A listing can only be removed if it has been listed in error, or if the listing itself is disputable.

Do you charge an admin fee?

No. Unlike most other competing companies out there, we only charge a one off fee only IF you are accepted for our services. Be careful you don’t get sucked in to paying high administration fees that some companies charge for what we do at no cost!

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Absolutely. You as the consumer have the right to challenge any listing on your credit file that you believe is disputable or listed in error.

Do I have to do anything?

Our company advocates on your behalf, the most you may be asked to do is sign where needed.

If I purposely didn’t pay my bills when I was younger can it still come off?

Yes in some cases, however only if there has been a breach in legislation prior to listing you.

How long does the whole process take to remove bad credit?

Equifax allows a maximum of 30 days to have a response but this can vary on a case by case scenario.

Are you linked with Equifax?

No, although we have access to Equifax’s system we are not associated with them in any way, shape or form.


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Wade Osborne

I am grateful for the fantastic service that has been provided by Fix My Credit, there was a continuous flow of information and I was always kept up to date, even out of business hours. A massive thanks to Nikki for all of her help and a successful outcome.

Peter Hunter

Absolutely top service from the first call from Johnathon explaining how the process works then from the case manager Brock discussing again the process and who they will contact on your behalf and then the final call and email explaining that my credit file was fixed but again explained how finance companies will assess my future loans etc and also put me in touch with a financial broker to assist in getting a good outcome.

Karl Loata

Firstly, I am one that typically dont leave reviews. However I cannot go past the experience I had with Fix My Credit Sam & Nikki were fantastic, so easy to deal with, and yes they really are on your side and fight hard on behalf. Couldn’t thank them enough And yes, they really do fix your file. Dont be fooled into some other sites. These guys are the real deal Thanks again Sam, Nikki & Team

Joshua Pollock

Fix my credit are great! From the first call up for help, to the end every person has been helpful and encouraging through the whole process. Nikki got straight to it and got the job done without any hesitation. Definitely recommend!

Anne Hill

Wow, a big thank you to Nikki Zahl and Jonathon Moy from FMC. The loveliest and most down to earth people who are understanding, non judgmental and efficient in they’re roles. I was so happy with my results and my communication, especially with Nikki…

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