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5 signs you need help to repair your credit 

So you’ve heard about credit repair, but are not sure if it’s something that could be of benefit to you? Not sure if your financial position warrants the help of a professional credit repair company like Fix My Credit

Here are 5 signs you need help to repair your credit:

You’re afraid to answer your phone

If you’re receiving many calls from unknown numbers and know it’s debt collectors calling, you need to take steps to repair your credit. Ignoring these calls won’t make your financial problems disappear, but taking proactive steps to address your credit issues can. 

By asking for help from a credit repair professional you can navigate through the complexities of debt management, negotiate with creditors, and develop a strategic plan to improve your credit score. 

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Your credit card applications are being denied

If you’ve had more than one credit card application denied, it could be a sign you have bad credit. Creditors generally review your credit history when assessing your eligibility for a credit card. If you are repeatedly rejected,  it’s a sign you might have underlying credit issues. 

Seeking professional assistance to repair your credit is a great first step. As a credit repair company, we can analyse your credit report, identify areas that need improvement, and guide you through the necessary actions to improve your creditworthiness. 

You can’t put bills in your name

If your bills have to go in someone else’s name because of your credit history, there’s a good chance you should look into credit repair. Whether it’s an electricity or phone bill, you should be able to put it in your name so the other person isn’t accountable for your finances. 

Landlords are denying your rental applications

The rental market is hard enough and having a bad credit history will only make it more difficult to rent your dream home. Landlords will often look at your credit history as part of the rental application, and they will be less likely to approve your application if you have a history of not paying your bills. Don’t restrict yourself, repair your credit and avoid the stress of denied rental applications. 

You can only access higher-than-average interest rates

Often, a lower credit score corresponds to higher interest rates. Lenders perceive a higher risk with lower credit scores, leading them to offer higher interest rates to mitigate this risk. These higher interest rates can substantially increase your overall costs. Credit repair is a good solution to improve your credit profile over time, potentially lowering interest rates and ultimately saving you a significant amount of money.

You avoid looking at your credit report

Do you avoid looking at your credit report because you’re afraid to see what’s on it? This is a good sign you might need credit repair. Facing your credit report is important and the sooner you check it, the sooner you can start working on improving your credit. 

Fair credit scores generally range between 300 and 500 with low credit scores from zero to 300. When you have a bad credit score it indicates to lenders that you may have trouble paying off the loan/credit on time and may have limited (to no) borrowing capacity with much higher interest rates as you are considered more of a risk. 

If you don’t know your credit score, it’s a good idea to check it now to understand where you stand. Knowing your credit score helps you make better decisions and take steps to improve your credit.

How can Fix My Credit help?

At Fix My Credit we can assist  you with: 

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